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I'm incredibly happy you are here, that you've taken time to set intentions for yourself and move forward into creating long lasting change.


Empowerment through spirituality is the main component of my coaching program. Spirituality is something I've studied and felt intuitive alignment with from a young age. In working to build Backpacking Bee, which began in 2016, and in traveling to over 35 countries I've learned from self help gurus, meditation retreats and cultural analysis.


These aspects of my life cemented a purpose that truly aligned with my soul:

helping others to feel aligned as well.

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I am Backpacking Bee, a Creative Storyteller, Artist, Photographer and

Spiritual Empowerment Coach. 

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Image by Patrick Langwallner

Empower Your Soul

1:1 Program

Felt unworthy of good things?

Felt you didn't have a purpose on this Earth?

Felt anxious or depressed with your every day life?

Felt like you are called to do more in this life?

Felt a lack in spirituality or focus on your soul?

Have you ever..

Whether any of these trigger something within you, or if you feel you want to live your life differently, create a change where you can step in as your higher self. This program is the one for you. I will work with you on a deeper level, through one-on-one sessions, send you inspiring messages, try out tailored activities that I believe will work for you to visualize your higher self and step in as that
soul-empowered person. 

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