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I'm glad you’re here.

About Bee

I'm Bianca --- aka Backpacking Bee, a solo traveler turned digital nomad.

Digital marketing, writing, videography & content creation are a few insights into what I love most. 


36 countries and counting as I continue on my independent location journey. Little bit more on me? I was born and raised in Hawai'i, by my father who sailed around the world in his early twenties (using just the stars and some maps to navigate.) Wandering obviously runs in the family. When I started this business it was based on my love for writing, but its grown into a much more creative niche.

I started this blog almost five years ago and turned it into an online business because I realized I could help organizations grow through research and integration. My passion lies in connecting with and helping others. 

In bringing vision to meet efficiency and alignment. 

Let's grow together.



A wellness focused podcast, with a little bit of spice.

Valid. A way of showing someone they matter in this world. Validating someone's experience, someone's struggles, someone's reason for living, whatever it may be. I seek to do it as much as possible in this life. Thus the creation of That's Valid. A podcast on my story, other's stories, wellness, lifestyle and travel. Let's explore it all together. 

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