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At Backpacking Bee, we are looking to help small businesses and companies get back to feelings of bliss & oneness within their business, by taking care of the social and marketing side. 


Combining compelling visual branding,

overarching themes and storytelling methods

and authentic connection. 



Interested in working with Bianca for photography & storytelling projects?

Check out her portfolio here.

Image by Annie Spratt

About Bee

'Backpacking Bee' is founded by Bianca Dukesherer. A veg-head yogi from Honolulu, Hawai'i who first came up with the idea for this agency in her hometown. "Hawai'i has so much to offer in terms of good people running small companies that make a difference in the community. Marketing was always a little more old school. So I wanted to help where I could." After learning the ropes in graduate school at AUP in Paris, France, she kept traveling the world and worked with clients mainly in Hawai'i but also New York, Bali (Indonesia), and Paris (France) to name a few. 

Backpacking Bee was founded back in January 2018, since then we’ve focused on working primarily with small owned businesses with visions we believe in. Our vision has been and still is to empower others to grow utilizing social media and marketing tactics. 

Everything we do is intentional.

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About Bee
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