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15 Airport Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

Decided to do this post for fun, since I know I used to obsess over what I needed to bring on my travels. Now I'm a lot more lax when it comes to my routine and what I take with me, but these are things I highly recommend to make your life a little easier. Airports have always been like a second home of sorts, so I think I've learned to just make myself comfortable in certain ways -- so if I'm ever stuck in an airport for 15 hours again, well at least I'm prepared for it.

1. Face Mask

Fun fact: your skin deals with soooo much when you are traveling. I used to care about what others thought of me when I did this. Truth: It doesn’t matter, no one truly cares, and if they do, you might never see these people again. Don’t do your make-up, just let your skin relax, and moisturize it up before you get on the plane. When on the plane do a hydrating face mask, let it sit for 15-20 mins then peel it off, put it in the little air-sick bag and head to the bathroom to throw it away. Or if you do a gel/cream then even better, scare people on the way to the restroom. No biggie and your skin will thank you in the long run.

I’ve gotten looks from this before, believe me. I kind of enjoy it now and laugh at myself if it does happen. I like how my skin feels after so I believe its worth it and just something nice to do for yourself.

Favorites: Garnier Hydration Bombs are amazing and cheap, anything with aloe in it is incredibly soothing and worth it.

2. Sleeping Eye Mask

Depends on how long the flight is of course, but then again I always sleep with a mask on cause I don’t like light in the room when I close my eyes. It’s said to affect your sleep so I’m not about it, but you can’t always control the lighting if you’re traveling so voila. Eye mask.

Heres something similar to the one I have, that's affordable and easy on your skin.

Eye Mask

3. LOTS of Books/Things to Read

I always have at least 2 books on me. I know, I’m a freak. I find them to be the perfect escape when you're surrounded by quiet, on a plane filled with white noise.

To pile it on even more, I pick out usually two magazines or a newspaper to bring along. I don’t like to just stare at a screen the whole time. I've been working on decreasing my screen time overall, so I think just forming the habit of reading something instead might be a good way to go!

Mags: Nat Geo (regular or travel), Lonely Planet, If you like fashion magazines in particular, I would recommend Cosmopolitan, they talk about politics, women empowerment and real world issues rather than just giving you ads with models throughout half the thing.

Newspapers: New York Times of course

Books I will probably always love: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, or a good mystery is my go-to on flights, a good recommendation for me would be The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

4. Vegan Snacks

I used to pretend not to care about food on the shorter flights, ha! Take note: vegans are hungry people guys, and we get hangry when we don't eat. So I always always pack snacks now. For longer flights I have a meal prepared as well unless the airline has vegan options I can request. Here’s what I usually pack:

Hippie Chips


Sandwich (vegan egg or pb&j)



Carrots & Celery sticks (sometimes I get hummus at the airport for it)

5. Hydration. Bring a Bottle Please.

Don’t buy water bottles at the airport. Going to say this again probably. It’s expensive (can range from $4-6!!), horrible for the environment and just not worth it. Empty out your water bottle before security, and once you’re in; head to a water station or a coffee shop. I personally love iced water so I always head to a coffee shop with my bottle and travel mug, I get a hot coffee and ask them to fill my water for me with lots of ice. If you have a hydro flask it’ll stay cold for a while too! Don’t buy water bottles at the airport. It's not worth it my friends.

Here are a few of the best bottles in my opinion:



Collapsible Nomader

Travel Mugs




6. Hand Sanitizer

Especially with this coronavirus going on, please always have this on you. Not wipes.

Not the scented stuff, the real good 'kills-the-bacteria' kind that will keep ya from getting sick.

I noticed a difference when I made a point to clean off my phone and hands after I went through security, we don't often think about it but the germs run around like crazy in this environment. And as much as we try to tell ourselves otherwise--- people still travel when they're sick.

Click here for one of my recommended options

7. Two Sets of Earphones

AirPods are my favorite thing, however on a long flight they will need to be charged plus they are not compatible if you’re trying to watch a movie on the plane’s screen.

So I always bring the normal aux input earphone in addition (noise canceling is best). Note also: sometimes planes have the special output for their own two-pronged headset and this is why I sometimes check to make sure. If you’re heading to Asia for some reason this is where I usually find them, and I personally hate it when this happens. This isn't me being picky, just honest about how I'm sure we all feel. The plane is loud, we have to turn up the volume all the way to hear through these things. Suddenly a loud crash in the movie happens and I swear I'm deaf for a second.

Fun fact for you, did you know there is an adapter for this? I HIGHLY recommend getting this and putting it in your travel kit. Trust me.

Earphones & Adapter I recommend:

Taotronics Noise-Cancelling (Spendy option but worth it)

Betron B25 (Cheap, & Great Reviews)


8. Portable Charger

I was once on a layover abroad for over 15-18 hours in the airport (it was a rough situation, another story for another time) and there were no charging areas in the entire place. It was unbelievable. As a blogger this is just necessary using our phones and cameras as much as we do, but my main concern at the time was getting in contact with my dad. Eventually I paid $7 for a coffee I didn't need to be able to charge up in the corner of this cafe. Never make that mistake again.

Here are some recommendations for travel chargers:

INIU (One of my favs! Make sure to fully charge and you'll get at least 2-3 charges from this)


9. Portable Wifi

Depends on where I am but sometimes I bring this along cause some airports don’t have the option for you, or they ask you to pay an absurd amount. In some areas, they also cut off your data signal so don’t think that you’ll be able to use that option everywhere you go.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Huawei -Unlocked, great for international travel and one of the "cheaper" options at $79

Mighty Wifi - More pricey, compact and sleek style, works world wide

Mobile Network - There is always the option, depending on where you are heading of course, to get a hotspot through your mobile network, sometimes they have great deals so definitely compare!

10. Travel Pillow

For me personally I finally made the choice to get one of these babies. Here's why:

- I have horrible neck problems, stems from previous stress-related injuries

- The airline ones should not be put up to your face (how I sleep)

- Posture

- I once had to sleep at the airport and didn't have a pillow, never again

- It's a nice comfort to have with you

Here are a few I love:

ZOYLEE Memory Foam - For those who want the comfort more than anything

Compact Travel Pillow - For those who like the normal style, and might be worried about holding too many things this is the one for you

Daisy Travel Pillow - I've heard great things about this one, it looks a little weirder but like I've said before, don't worry about what others think! If you need more support this might be the one.

11. Travel Fuzzy Socks/Slippers

I love making myself feel comfortable even in the most uncomfortable settings. It's how I got to be so used to the travel lifestyle I guess. So I recommend whenever possible to make yourself more comfortable. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated right?

Fuzzy socks or slippers for those long plane rides might get you to fall asleep, you never know!

I once went on an overnight train ride and it was freezing in my cabin area, not sure why. Luckily, I brought a pair of fuzzy socks with me and I swear it was like I was home. Sounds funny to say, but I swear I'm telling the truth guys.

Note: something to consider also is if you swell when you travel, you might consider compression socks as well!

Favorite Travel Socks/Slippers:

Fuzzy Socks

Travel Fuzzy Slippers

Travel Slippers

12. Sunglasses

Actually got this idea from my dad a while back. He randomly sent me an article on why we should wear sunglasses when traveling before an overnight flight or red-eye. It talked about the translucent lighting they have in airports as a tactic to keep you awake, buying things on impulse as much as you can. Instead, tricking your body into slowly getting tired, as you're about to sleep on the plane is crucial sometimes, especially if you're traveling for business.

Wear the sunglasses as much as you can before the flight to trick your body. Genius, thanks dad.

Sunglass Options:

SOJOS - the class "ray-ban" look

FEISEDY- the bigger the better, might help in tricking your body a little better

13. Journal

Obviously, I am impartial to writing. I love it. I feel like everyone would if they gave it a chance. There's something about taking the time to write out your life, your thoughts that always got me excited. And to look back on those experiences, its incredible to me.

Here are some of my favorite journals:

Vegan Leather Bound Journal - I have one similar to this, its my favorite aesthetic, plus everything is blank inside so I usually sketch as well in mine!

Journal Prompt - If you're starting out a prompt might help you get into the headspace!

Creative, Thin & Lightweight Journal - Perfect if you don't have a ton of space, and want to get creative with a little starter pack

14. Lotion

I became obsessed with my skin not to long ago when I went off my birth control in search of natural remedies to balance everything out. Long story short my skin suffered, I freaked out and did a ton of research and here we are. My skin is on the mend, but this was never an easy process, especially since I travel to all these different climates.

I HIGHLY recommend bring a lotion and making sure you prioritize hydrating your skin all. the. time. It will only benefit you in the long run.

Favorite travel lotions:

Face - Dermalogica

Body - Hempz or if you're sensitive like me: Eucerin or Cetaphil

Hand - JR Watkins or Grown Alchemist

Full Kit - Grown Alchemist (probably my absolute favorite brand, comes with hand, face and lip cream)

15. Lip Balm

For the same reason you need lotion, you need lip balm. New climates affect the body of course, so its just good to be pro-active rather than dealing with chapped lips (which can get pretty bad at times).

Favorite lip balms:

Jack Black




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