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15 Essential Beauty Products for Spring

Ah Spring... the seasons changed, we are cold no more, the sun comes out and well for us right now...We're stuck in our houses. Something I love to focus on during this time however, is just how to make myself feel better. Whether that is spiritually, mentally or physically. I've realized that now is the time to be gentle with yourself. Treating yourself to something that's going to make you happy, taking the time you normally wouldn't put into your skin and just being conscious of what is benefiting your body.

These are 15 products I am particularly obsessed with right now that you might want to try out. They are definitely travel essentials for me, I plan on taking them with me to grad school in Europe and with me as I continue to backpack around the world.

1) All Good - Sport Sunscreen

I'm kind of obsessed with zinc when it comes to sunscreen lately. This is because I've done so much dang research on picking out the right products for your face -- so you don't break out. To the oily skinned people out there in the world you might understand that if you're piling a bunch of products onto your skin, you better make sure it's benefiting you in some way. This is a great one because

1) its cruelty free, 2) it's water and sweat resistant 3) its got all the good calming ingredients like zinc and calendula. It does come out a little whiter on the skin when you have these ingredients most of the time, but to be honest its a good reminder to really rub it in. It's worth it in the long run, right? #allgood #sunscreen #zinc

Where to Buy - REI, All Good, Amazon

2) Facial Hair Remover

Fun fact - did you know your hair grows thicker and at a faster rate during warmer weather conditions? Unfortunately, this also includes those facial hairs we women don't like to talk about. I did the research and found this beauty product on Amazon for under $20. It's easy, doesn't hurt, and is highly affordable.

You can't go wrong with this one.

#facialhair #ekr #finishingtouch

Brands I love - EKR , Finishing Touch Flawless

Where to Buy - Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Drug Stores like CVS

3) GLO Lit Whitening

I was nervous to try a teeth whitening program to be honest. First off, I'm pretty picky about the products I use long-term. I want to know where it comes from, making sure the ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free and safe to use. GLO Lit made it easy for me, I use the app to set reminders when I want to take some time to whiten, and saw a difference when I only used it a week. (Added side note - other products like Crest Whitening strips took me a couple of months to see results, even then, it made my teeth sensitive and didn't feel great to me). 10% of all profits from GLO Lit also go to free dental care for those in need. So added bonus you're supporting a company that is trying to help others. Definitely the way to go, in my opinion.

What is included - Mouth applicator (with LED light bringing a slight heat so it whitens faster than normal) and USB charger that you can hang around your neck, about seven tubes of whitening solution, a hydrating lip gloss with Vitamin E, and a case for everything.

Where to Buy - Sephora, GloScience

4) Eye Mask for Puffy Eyes

Especially since quarantine started, I don't know about you guys but my sleep schedule is all over the place, therefore my eyes rebel and get extra puffy in the mornings. Not fun. I learned that the best thing to do is to get these patches that help calm down the puffiness without damaging the skin cells (which ice can actually do, fun fact). These also work for people who might have issues with dark circles as well.

I ordered this brand off Amazon but listed a few options for you below that I did some research on:

Brands to look at - Skyn , SAFISA , Calés

Where to Buy - Amazon, Ulta, Sephora

5) Hyaluronic Acid Serum

#glossier #drunkelephant #drdennisgross #hyaluronicserum

I discovered this fairly recently and it has completely changed my world. As someone who has struggled with oily skin and acne issues, I never really thought hydration was my issue. But quite frequently this is the case for most skin issues. You are most likely stripping your skin with exfoliators, wipes (if you use those, please stop), toners, etc. Which is fine and all to a point, but then you have to put the good stuff back into your skin. Even before you moisturize. This stuff is pure magic.

These are the brands I love the most - Dr. Dennis Gross , Drunk Elephant, Glossier, Cosmedica

Where to Buy - Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Dermstore, Dr. Dennis Gross, Nordstrom, Glossier

6) Vegan, Latex-Free Beauty Sponge

#vegan #latexfree #aesthetica #beautyblender

Personally I was not into this trend at first, but I do like certain ones to help out my make up process in the morning. A little fact is not all beauty blenders are vegan, but its a simple choice you can make to help the environment, and animals throughout the world. Here are a couple of my favorite options you might want to try out -

Sidenote: You should actually wash the sponge after every use, which many don't do but with the hot weather coming out bacteria can build up, and this is one way acne is caused! Wash those blenders guys.

Where to Buy - Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, Beauty Blender (also cleanser can be found here)

7) Tom's of Maine Toothpaste


This is one of my favorite toothpastes. It get's the job done, doesn't make my teeth oversensitive and always tastes minty fresh. I switch on and off from the fluoride free and regular just because I'm not sure which is better for you personally. Personally, I think its best to keep. a balance, right? Too much of anything is not good.

Where to Buy - Target, Amazon, Walgreens, Local health stores might also have it or WholeFoods

8) Kimkoo Sleep Mask


Guys this product has changed. my. life. I am really into making sure I get the best sleep possible so I ordered this one a couple of weeks into quarantine and it works like a charm to get me to sleep (the issue is getting to bed of course now). They say that you sleep better when you're in a completely dark room, no distractions or lights. This will block all of it out, and as an added bonus it's one of the most comfortable I've ever tried. It has a soft fabric on the inside, but still breathable for your skin and has a silky smooth area for your nose. I knock out right away when I put this on, and am less likely to wake up from others around me turning on lights, or moving around. Highly HIGHLY recommend traveling with this, you just might have the best sleep of your life - on a plane.

Where to Buy - Amazon, Kimkoo

9) Vitamin E Oil

#vitamine #oil #faceoil #naturaloil

This one has a fun little pro tip you could do with it that I learned recently. Movie stars often do this before a special event so the cheekbones look sleek and all of the blood circulates.This keeps you from getting wrinkles, and minimizes scars. What you do is take small dime-size drops of the oil and gently rub it onto your face and neck in an upward motion. Never downward. This allows the oil to get into all the nooks of your skin and maximize benefits.

Vitamin E oil has so many incredible benefits I would just enter this into your routine starting with a few times a week. You will start to glow from the benefits its insane.

Where to Buy - Amazon, Whole Foods, Health Stores, Drug stores like CVS

*A pricier option to look into is Goop Glow products, they are incredible and might be worth the investment if your having some major issues with your skin

10) Ritual Vitamins

#ritualvitamins #ritual #vitamins #vegan

I will probably never stop talking about these vitamins because they taste amazing, are fully vegan and gluten free, and yet have all the benefits that we should be taking on the daily. You don't need to eat food when you take these too, your stomach won't get upset. Below is a list of what they contain, just so you can get an idea of how incredible this brand is:

  • Folate

  • Omega-3

  • Vitamin B12

  • Iron

  • Vitamin K2

  • Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin E

  • Magnesium

  • Boron

For $15 off your first order click here

Where to Buy - Exclusively at ritual.com

11) Scentsational Soy Candles

These are the candles I am obsessed with lately. The two best "Spring" scents I can recommend (all though I use them year-round) are Storm & White Magnolia. Beautiful simple scents that you might smell entering into Anthropologie or Free People. You won't regret looking out for this candle believe me.

#scentsational #soycandle #storm

Where to Buy - Amazon, Marshalls (best price), Ebay, TJ Maxx

12) NYX Angel Veil Primer

One of the best things I could've done is find a primer that doesn't make me break out or feel too heavy on my skin. This Angel Veil Primer comes out white but easily smoothes onto the skin, silky to touch. This one is particularly great for those struggling with oily skin, since it kind of matte-fies the look of your skin a bit. It's also highly affordable and sticks very well, top it off with finishing spray at the end (I typically use urban decay's for this) and you won't need to retouch for the day. An added bonus, of course, is that its vegan and cruelty-free.

#angelveil #nyx #vegan #primer

Where to Buy - Amazon, Ulta, Target

13) Face Halo

After my trip to Bali this past October, I recognized how sustainable they were there and made some changes to my beauty routine to try to help where I could. One of the major things you can do is say goodbye to make up remover wipes (update: they are not good for your skin anyways!) or using all those cotton pads or balls and say hello to Face Halo. It's softer than a wash cloth, almost feels like a fuzzy slipper. What you do is just combine this with micellar water to get the layers of makeup or dirt out, wash your face, then tone with these as well. Rinse with warm water and soap or stick it in the washing machine to clean it after you use both sides! So easy, and it really does work guys.

#facehalo #makeupremover #sustainable

Where to Buy - Amazon, Revolve, Face Halo

14) Rae Wellness Complexion Capsules

Just because Springtime is such a drastic change for our skin doesn't mean you have to let it affect you. This is something I added with the change of the season just because I know my skin so well. Rae Wellness is another natural supplement, easy on the stomach, completely vegan and gluten free.

Where to Buy - Amazon, Target,

Rae Wellness

#raewellness #complexionvitamins

This one includes:

  • Vitamin A - Supports the cells

  • Vitamin E - Hydration

  • Zinc - Strengthens the skin

  • Licorice Root - hydrates to improve skin tone and texture

  • Green Tea - helps revitalize the skin

15) Essential Oils

You can never go wrong with essential oils, they have so many benefits and there are a ton to choose from but here are a few of my favorites and reasons why you should definitely be stocking up on them.

  • Lavender - Skin, hair growth, aids in sleep, anxiety relief, eczema issues, repels insects (great for travel obviously)

  • Tea Tree - Majorly helps acne issues, oily skin problems, targets dandruff issues, helps sore throat problems

  • Lemon - Helps with acne scarring, weight loss, cleaner, great for cold sores and head colds

  • Eucalyptus - Calms allergies, muscle pain, flu like symptoms, works as mouthwash, and supports healthy skin

#essentialoils #lavender #teatree #lemon #eucalyptus

Recommendation - Cliganic

Where to Buy - Amazon, Whole Foods, health stores, etc. (very easy to find)

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