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The Best Travel Shows to Watch During Quarantine

When I seek out a new show to watch I find that some of my absolute favorites end up having to do with travel or adventure in some way. Often times, I seek out the inspiration I feel when traveling. Something global to hook into. Usually means I end up feeding my travel addiction, adding more places or experiences to my Bucket List. Or I may feel compelled to learn about another country after watching some of these.

I think we could all use a little positive inspiration in some way right now, so hopefully you guys enjoy these recommendations!

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Tales by Light

this is probably my favorite docu-series right now because it's not just showing you places in the world, it's also showing you global issues. The camera doesn't hold back one bit too. But it's more than just a global news outlet, it gives you that positive perspective, in how others are looking to fix those issues. Journalists, Photographers, Humanitarians, etc. all working to help where they can. How to watch - Netflix

Dark Tourist

such an interesting twist put on how some people travel - to places associated with death and destruction. David Farrier puts some humor and lightness into it but overall its intriguing to see this part of the tourism industry. How to watch - Netflix

By Adam Rose/Netflix

The Goop Lab

I started watching this because 1) I love Gwyneth Paltrow and 2) I saw that it was about taking on naturopathic remedies, health concepts, and challenging wellness topics. Gwyneth and her team at Goop try out various ideas such as the Wim Hof method of breathing to overcome things like anxiety or serious health conditions. Another episode was on how the use of psychedelics can help you to work through emotional trauma. How to Watch - Netflix

Photo taken from IMDB

An Idiot Abroad

The two men responsible for the Office are at it again. 'Nough said right? But actually, this show is superb. Two men guide another around the world from behind the scenes, bringing together travel inspiration and British comedy. Priceless. How to Watch - Amazon Prime, or purchase

Planet Earth

I had to, it's a true classic. We all mostly know what this will entail but just recommend to try it out if you haven't yet. Might inspire you to add something new to your to-see list.

How to Watch - Amazon Prime, Discovery.com, BBC

The Amazing Race

Eleven teams travel the world to win $1 million. Each episode usually covers one leg of the race and there are typically 12 total. In one season you watch as they get from New York to South Africa. Truly an adventure to check out. How to Watch - Hulu, Amazon Prime

Queer Eye - We're in Japan!

First off- if you haven't watched the regular Queer Eye, you should definitely do that first. Worth it. It's such a beautiful reality show, five guys (who are specialists in fashion, interior design, healthy eating, etc.) help others change their lifestyles. Typically the person is nominated by a friend or member of their family because they see a better a life for this person. The "Fab Five" aid with everything from nutritional diet, to emotional support. The Japan version of this show is interesting when you see the cultural differences that affect their work. How to Watch - Netflix

Action/Adventure Travel

Sense 8

Probably one of the best shows of all time, in my opinion. Sense 8 had such an interesting concept to it. Eight strangers from around the world are linked together through their minds and actions. You'll find interest in the idea that they share so much with each other, and surprise with the curves this show throws you.Countries you'll see in this show: Germany (Berlin), England (London), Mexico, India, Kenya (Nairobi), Iceland (Reykjavik), and America. How to Watch - Netflix


I still can't fully explain how intense this show is, it's one that will get you thinking on whether this is our future or not. The story primarily takes place in an amusement park that is built to be lived as if your life were in another time and place--only with robots, and a story plot line of your choice. The rich can live out their fantasies through these stories. You also see what it takes for them to create such a world. This one is filled with action, and deeper morals that will have you thinking about technology in different ways. How to Watch - HBO, Hulu (with add-on), Amazon (with subscription)

Killing Eve

I started this one not too long ago, and loved that it takes on a different style to the normal action-spy type of a show. On the one hand you have Eve, your standard security officer who is bored with her desk job. On the other you have Villanelle, a killer looking to continue her fabulous life. The two end up playing cat and mouse, where logic, action and humor all come into play. Plus, I mean the main character is Yang from Greys Anatomy (a superb actress in my opinion) so you can't go wrong with this one. If all of that wasn't enough for ya, it also primarily takes place in Paris, France and London, England. How to Watch - Hulu


This show is something I still talk about to people often, it is mind blowing in so many ways. A group of survivors from a plane crash try to figure out how to get off the island. Then they find the island holds secrets that won't quite let them leave. If you're craving the island life right now but want a bit of a twist to draw you into the plot, this would be the show for you. Mainly filmed in my home state - Hawaii. The characters are from around the world however, so you get to see a bit more eventually. How to Watch - Hulu, Amazon Prime

Photo from HBO

Game of Thrones

Most of you should know this one by now, but if you're not one of the billions who binged on this one, you definitely should be doing so now. This show has pretty much everything from romance to action and adventure. It films from the tropical greek-like islands to snowy forests somewhere in England I'm sure. You'll fall in love with characters just as the writers throw you for a loop.

How to Watch - HBO, Amazon (with subscription), Hulu (with add-on)


This one takes place primarily in Scotland, although the second season heads to France as well.

A woman travels back in time to another century, and experiences Scotland's side of the war as she travels through villages trying to find her way back but ends up finding a love unlike any other. It's an intense love story, with a similar vibe to Game of Thrones or the movie Braveheart (also a great option to watch). Plus, it made me add a lot of sights in Scotland to my list.

How to Watch- Netflix

Global-Political Shows

Madame Secretary

Fell in love with this show a year or so ago and I still re-watch it constantly. What is great about this one is it'll give you the political point of view from the White House but the way she handles the global issues that are brought to her... is with poise and finesse. Speaking to international diplomats often to break deals, or aid in global issues/disasters, etc. She is the ethical figure many of us wish to see in our system in real life. This show will typically take you to the Middle East, India, areas of Africa, Russia, China, etc. How to Watch - Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

The Newsroom

Another incredible show-- this one takes place from a newsroom covering global issues. Written by Aaron Sorkin, creator of the West Wing. The same fast paced talking environment is prevalent in this show but with a New York twist. It'll have you looking at global issues, and eventually takes you to Africa as well. The Journalist mindset is one that takes you on an adventure for sure.

How to Watch - Amazon (with subscription), HBO

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