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Bucket List for Vegas

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

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Welcome to Las Vegas!

Where the alcohol is aplenty and the stories make themselves. The first thing you'll want to start with when planning your trip to Vegas is the hotel and ticket prices. My recommendation is to go on some of the apps I have mentioned in my Apps to Live By post, Skiplagged is a great way to go. Trivago and Expedia are also great options when looking at hotel deals. 

Where to stay on the strip

Honestly, you never want to stay in a hotel off the strip, you'll be walking a lot and it comes in handy to be closer so I'm not even going to give you ones off the strip. Trust me on that one. When it comes to how we decided on our hotel it was based on having a pool (because why would we want anything else?) and pricing. I will give a few glam ones but I'll put them in order from least expensive with a pool to more of the glitzy experience so you can decide what you're looking for!

The linq hotel & casino

   The Linq is a great option and very well priced usually with some deals going on, there are great restaurants on the bottom floor and it is pretty well centered on the strip. The pool on one of the top floors is pretty nice, stocked with a bar of course so you can keep that tolerance up. 

Caesars palace

  Another great option for you that tends to have some sweet deals! Caesars palace is on the strip and the pool is pretty incredible with a large structure in the center (that people will dance on like a stage if its a pool party). Within this hotel is also Omnia Nightclub, which is another spot people tend to hit up when going out so definitely keep this in mind, its nice not to have to walk far sometimes!

Aria resort & casino

  The Aria resort is probably one of the most beautiful hotels I've seen, the view from their rooms are incredible and their amenities are no joke. While I know the price is a little out of this world, its always worth looking at for some great deals cause you never know!

  Encore at wynn 

  The Wynn is a beautiful hotel and the good news is some awesome parties happen at this spot, especially night swims and pool parties. This hotel was also named the best hotel in Las Vegas by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. The downside is it can be a little pricier, but again the experience is worth it and there are always deals ahead! 

​ ​

​Casinos in Las Vegas

Ah the Vegas life. There are plenty of ways to lose or make money depending on how lucky you get. If you're flying to Vegas sometimes you'll also get coupons on the flight over that give you $25 or so at a particular casino. Take advantage because $25 could go a long way in the slots if you're having a good day! I'm not too big on gambling but slots are a fun way to try out something new so definitely add this to your list!

Brunches & more

To start you off, I definitely think a boozy, glitzy treat-yourself brunch is a must. Food can become a bit pricy in Vegas especially if you're always going out for meals so I'm also going to give you guys some advice on what to do straight off the plane, where to go and what to get. Also if you're a gluten free, vegan like me then you'll understand it is a struggle in Vegas so I'll give some of my suggestions for that as well!

Bellagio buffet

Price: $24.99 | 7 am - 11 am | Extra $19.99 for bottomless beverages (Margs, Bloody Marys & sparkling wine and beer)

Giada at the CromweLL

Price is by menu | Friday - Sunday availability | One of the hottest brunch spots in Vegas

the yardbird

The Boody Mary's here are FAMOUS so it is a high recommendation to put this one on your bucket list. | Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 4 pm | Prices by menu | Reservations are encouraged here

Vegan options:

Violette's Vegan Cafe

Friday - Sunday 10 a.m to 2 p.m | a little farther from the strip but worth the visit! 


Sunday, 8 a.m to 3 p.m | Closer to the art district area near the strip, where the museums and other fun things would be located

​Terrace Point cafe

Located at the Wynn Hotel, a prime location | Open 6 a.m to 3 p.m everyday | Bottomless drinks available as well for extra $22

What to do straight off the plane

Go to the nearest grocery stores before hitting your hotel, trust me on this. Vegas is a lot of money being spent on some big things, usually you drain your money on food, hotels and experiences. As a girl, you really shouldn't be paying for much else which I'll explain later in this post. For the most part getting groceries that you can make sandwiches or small basic protein-packed meals with is a necessity. Lunches are the perfect time you'll be wanting this, and getting some alcohol for mixed drinks would also be good as well. Reminder: open container laws are not even a thing in Vegas. 

Shopping in Vegas

Looking for some last minute going out outfits? Or just looking to spend a little and treat yourself? These are some great options to head over to!

Planet hollywood shops

170 stores, 15 restaurants and live entertainment everywhere, how could you go wrong here? You can't. 

​Caesars palace forum shops

Known as the "Shopping Wonder of the World" includes about 160 shops, some including the most popular designers of all time. Surrounding you as you shop is quite the experience with moving statues and an exotic fish aquarium. 

Pool parties

These are my recommendations for some of the best pool parties you'll ever experience. Tip: once you get to Vegas you'll want to dress cute right away, and walk around the strip, promoters will be around and ask if you want to be on the list for certain clubs. First, ask to get into everything having to do with these clubs below, usually these are where the concerts happen. Next, ask if you could get a cabana included in any of these. Pool side. It makes it 10x better plus who doesn't want a cabana pic right?  Promoters will come to you, don't worry too much about that, and definitely try and get bottle service or open bars when you can because those are always fun. Also, when coming to pool parties, come early. I cannot stress that enough, you get more drink tickets, and they run out of those with the first 100 or so usually. 

Encore beach club

Probably one of my favorite places, amazing parties, and DJs that come in (ex. The Chainsmokers). Located at the Wynn (basically the Wynn is always a good choice if you're wondering)

Tao Beach Club

Kind of an asian twist to the beach vibe, an incredibly fun experience for sure! Also side note love that their website has a calendar to see who you want to go see on what day, definitely check that out! 

Daylight beach club

Definitely recommend coming early in line for this one, and if you can really try and get a free cabana from your promoter as they are extremely expensive here. The drinks are well made however, and the pool is such a fun experience! 

Marquee dayclub

This one is high on the list as well with the option to have your own small jacuzzi with cabana. Its always a great experience when theres multiple dance floors as well, worth seeing for sure!


This one has a bit more of the big name people, but your promoters will easily get you in of course! Open bar or bottle service shouldn't be too hard to get for this one as well! This is a great option if you're also looking for more then the basic edm Dj experience. 

​Downtown Vegas

For your bucket list I would also add in some fun first time things to check out, such as the Neon Museum, filled with the old Las Vegas neon signs from the past which is always great for some photos. The Mob Museum is also an interesting option that describes some of the dark sides of Las Vegas to know about! When I was visiting they also had the Real Bodies exhibit which is another fun option with real bodies, exhibits like this are not hard to get cheaper as well when walking around on the strip people will be handing you coupons for these kinds of experiences! Be sure to grab all of them! ​

Seeing a show in Vegas


One of Vegas' best shows for many to see, its different and fun with dinner and a show packages available as well! 

Bellagio Fountains

Obviously a must see, especially if its your first time in Vegas, its a sound and light show that occurs every 15 mins or so at the Bellagio. 

The Beatles LOVE

Whether you're a Beatles fan or not, this is one of the biggest Cirq du soleil shows and definitely worth every penny.

Having a bachelorette? try some of these


More of the Cirq Du Soleil with added sexualization & erotica, its one of the more popular shows they have.

Magic mike

Probably the most popular strip show right now with women, you'll definitely hear Pony. 


One step down from Magic Mike, another great option for you ladies. 

Cocktails to try

While Vegas is known for the clubs, some don't always have the best drinks. As a fun first timer or just a known regular to Vegas, these are definitely everyone's top few to go to! 

​Happy half hour at the high roller

From 550 ft high, this Ferris wheel is a great way to see the view and have an open bar in the meantime, what! Tip: internet offers are cheaper so buy online! (ranging around $35)

Chandelier bar at the cosmopoliton

Probably one of the most beautiful bars I've ever seen, the chandelier is incredible so definitely dress up and get some pictures at this one! The cocktails are definitely a piece of art here as well.

​Velveteen rabbit

Known as the shabby chic hangout for cocktails and beer. 


Here are some of the nightclubs I recommend the most, definitely talk to promoters about getting into these first before anything else! These are just some of the more fun ones, with a mix of EDM, hip hop and rap.


There are indoor and outdoor dance floors, who could ask for more? Some of the well known DJs will most likely appear here, such as Alesso, Kygo, etc. It's always a blast here so I definitely would put it on your list!

Encore beach club

Fun for a night swim as well as the normal clubbing experience! Who wouldn't want to keep the pool party going in the Las Vegas heat am I right?


Probably the first official nightclub I went to in Vegas and I had a wonderful experience here! The drinks are pricey  however and weren't exactly my favorite so definitely keep that in mind!


Such an incredible vibe here! Definitely add this one to the list and keep in mind they do have some pretty big names come in on their calendar (for example: Halsey, French Montana, etc.)

Other experiences to try

These are some added things that I know not everyone will be able to fit into their list but its always an option! Plus, I mean why the hell not go big in Vegas? (Especially if you make some money!) 

Fly over vegas

Fly in a helicopter over the Las Vegas strip and see the incredible lights and fountains from above. Approx $89-124 per person, always an option to get some Groupons or online deals! So think ahead guys! I've included some options for you below.

Slotzilla zipline

Take a zipline over downtown Las Vegas? Hell yes. There are two options for you with this one, the first being the awesome package which is $25, 7 stories up and 2 blocks long. Second, you have the ultimate package which is 11 stories up and 5 blocks long at a $45 price. 

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