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How I Edit My Photos: Lightroom, VSCO & More

I've gotten a lot of questions on how I edit my photos so I wanted to give some of the details here for you guys. Mostly, it started with me wanting an aesthetic that could bring some light and joy to people's feed and with a ton of help from other bloggers, I found the perfect niche for me. Using warm colors kind of works for me personally but I think go with the colors that work for you in the best way.

Let me start by giving you some of the apps I use...

1. Lightroom CC

Yes, I pay for the full Adobe package, its approximately $50 per month but worth it for someone like me who loves to edit content. You could also do a separate package for just the Lightroom app, and my best advice to you is to set presets you like ahead of time so all you have to do is click one thing every time you upload a new photo. (When you have all the lighting, exposure, contrast, etc. set to how you like it, save it as a preset and name it! Super easy)

**Also sidenote: yes, I do this for all of my photos, even on my Instagram stories, just to keep consistency.

2. Facetune

I have mixed emotions about using this one its true, but I think that as long as I am still keeping my true form, staying authentic and accepting myself for who I am I am okay with it for now. In a future post I will talk a little bit more about being in the blogging community and the comparisons that might come up. For now I will say with facetune, you'll mostly see me whiten my teeth a bit in a pic, or mess with light and dark areas of my face. For example, sometimes the lighting of my face just isn't up to par with the rest of the image, just some light touch ups can make all the difference and bring out the aspects of my face I know I have but the photo just doesn't always show.

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is another great layer edit. I say layer edit meaning you want to overlay this onto your main edit. So what I usually do is edit my photo in Lightroom and find that it's darkened a bit from my preset, rather than messing with that preset, I overlay it with one of the light choices in snapseed. That added brightness catches the eye a bit more and brings some life into the picture.

4. Plann

This app is everything. For those that actually care what your feed looks like and keeping up that visual aesthetic, this is the app for you. It lets you see what your photos will look like next to each other so you can also schedule them accordingly.


VSCO is how I used to edit everything, it is the next best thing if you can't use Lightroom. Trust me on that, its got some really great filters that are easily changeable to how you want it to be. Plus, the added edits like adding grain to a photo or changing the skin color (sometimes you end up looking to red in a photo) are amazinggggg.

6. A Design Kit

This one is an app I haven't gotten into quite yet but my blogger peeps told me its a great way to add a pop of color into your photo. It's the kind of color that you draw onto a photo, so more of a magazine edit type of thing and a little less authentic which is why I'm hesitant but I'm working on adding that pop of color at times with some wording so this is a great option of that!

7. Pixeloop

This app is seriously artistic in adding that added umph to a city picture or a moving sky with clouds to your photo in a grass field. Whatever it is, it makes it a bit more fun to play with your content. For halloween, I was Daisy from the Great Gatsby and I added a bit of moving grain to my photo so it looked straight out of the 20s, this is the app I used. Sometimes it's just fun to add a little flare to the photo.


The presets I use? Here's the deets.

1. Candidly Chan


She is one of my favorite bloggers and seriously so good at what she does. Her vibe and style is exactly what I wanted to kind of encompass when I first started blogging, obviously with my own tweak on it of course. I started playing with her presets below and this is what that looked like:



2. Tara X Kellie (FREE Preset!)

After starting with Candidly Chan's I wanted to add more warmth to my photos however, so what I found through one of my blogger friends advice was using Tara X Kellie's preset which I automatically became obsessed with. Tara is super sweet and her free preset brightens up the pictures so much more. As a result:

Using TARA's preset:

What I ended up doing is overlaying both presets however, so this is the result:

And at that point if it needed any more brightness to it, I would add a Snapseed overlay. Or an added flair like some grain to it possibly, from VSCO.

If you guys want more posts like this please let me know! Message me or email me for any content you want to see more of: backpackingbee@gmail.com

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