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My Travel Bucket -list

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I decided to do this post for the heck of it. Keeping a bucket list is something I have always found extremely motivating throughout my life. I keep a list usually but will also sometimes do photo collages of goals I have and what I aspire to do in the future, or what I want my life to look like. I've included both for you guys and decided to get a little personal, since well--my goals are personal.

If you don't have a bucket list you might want one after you read this, even just keeping a journal that you jot down ideas in makes an impact. You put pen to paper and put it out in the universe, I firmly believe it makes a difference. Hopefully it gives you some new ideas on what the heck is out there cause I will say this: I only continue to add more as I travel and see what's out there.

Why have a bucket list? It lets you get out of your comfort zone and strive to accomplish things in life that you will remember forever. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Don't just sit in that comfort zone: look for ways to break out.

1. Visit the Greek Islands

Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with reading and when I was younger I read so many books on Greek mythology. I was immersed in those stories and honestly think they taught me so much about life, love and spirituality. While I am Christian, I still really appreciate these stories and find them beautiful with incredible morals. I would love to visit Greece for this reason and actually want to spend a good amount of time here. From the Acropolis of Athens, to the coast of Santorini. I want to see all of it and get to know the people of Greece and what their lives look like.

2.Hike Machu Picchu

Climbing up thousands of steps and hiking in luscious greenery with a stunning view at the top? Sounds like a Backpacking Bee thing for sure. This has been at the top of my list for quite some time. I haven't made this excursion yet because I want to spend a good amount of time here and soak it all in. Plus, I haven't been to South America in general yet and am waiting for a good time to really explore the continent at the same time. I want to be respectful of the fact that this landmark is also getting extremely worn in by travelers, so I've heard there is another (harder, longer) path you can take that is less worn soooo this is truly my motivation for getting fit guys.

3. Tomorrowland

Music festivals are incredible experiences and are always worth the money in my opinion. This is the one I've wanted to go to since I went to my first festival 4 years ago. Thousands of people from different countries all in one area with one shared passion for music and good vibes? Love it.

I think planning a backpacking trip before this would also be my goal and just making friends beforehand as well.

4. Spend Another Night (--well several)

in the Sahara

One of the best experiences I've ever had in this lifetime is spending the night in the Sahara Desert, it was truly incredible and not a day goes by where I don't think about it. In a perfect world I would want to have everyone back together from that night for a reunion but who knows if that'll be possible. I'm gonna put that out in the universe though and hope for the best.

If you haven't been to Morocco yet, I think you should visit. There is so much to see. And a very rich culture to discover.

5. Stairway to Heaven

This hike has been on my list since middle school when I watched some blogger take it on and just watched in awe that this hike was on the same island as me. If you don't know about it, the Stairway to Heaven hike is pretty intense and I believe it is blocked off (aka illegal) because some stupid people did it while drunk and someone unfortunately passed away as a result. The hike starts off with stairs and truly keeps going for miles. You end up above the clouds on top of a mountain and just... have to take it all in. I've heard it's honestly worth the long hours, and early rise (it's recommended to start the hike before sunrise so you can get past the guard).

How many stairs are there? 3,922.

Where is it? Honolulu, Hawaii

6. Get My License ...(No judgment guys)

Yes, I have not gotten my drivers license yet. I honestly just had other priorities and have been off in another country rather than staying in one place long enough to practice so here we are.

23 years old. Yes, I know. But I am doing it this Summer as my goal! Stay tuned for more on that.

7. Holi Festival

There is a beautiful story behind this festival that I learned when I was younger. It is a Hindu festival that takes place each year to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. As a child, Sri Krishna was said to be envious of Radha's complexion and after complaining of this to his mother. His mother playfully said he could paint Radha's face whatever he liked. Therefore, the fun idea of colors started. It is a beautiful ceremony of color to show love and light in celebration of religion, love, unity, and respect for their culture. I want to honestly capture this festival through film and photography, capture the beauty and love.

8. Spelunking in the Waitomo Gloworm Caves

Most people look at me like I'm insane when I show them what spelunking is but I think that only makes me want to try it even more. Spelunking is basically caving, but what happens is with most of them you actually get lowered into the cave on a line (sometimes using the walls on the sides to support you as you walk down). You get to explore caves with a small group and dive into the water looking into different compartments of the cave. Some also have incredible surprises inside... such as the Waitomo Gloworm Caves, located in New Zealand. Below you can see what shines throughout the cave, bioluminescent beauty.

9. Visit Koh Rong, Cambodia

Cambodia in general is a trip I haven't made yet because I know it will be a very powerful trip for me. It is incredibly impoverished unfortunately, and while I know I have been exposed to these situations before I want to mentally prepare before going in.

I've also heard it is majorly unsafe for women to go solo in this country. Therefore, it was also a matter of waiting for someone to go with me. There is a lot I want to see here and some volunteer work I would also like to do. I think I would like to start with this beautiful beach however.

The goal: to spend at least 2-3 weeks on a boat sailing around Koh Rong and spend the night with bioluminescent phytoplankton in view while simultaneously looking up at the stars.

Lonely Planet said this is one of the top places on Earth to see the phytoplankton at it's finest.

How do I even know about this? When I was about 12 years old I saw the movie Life of Pi and was entranced by the sights this kid and a frickin' tiger saw. Like what?? Also why was there a tiger can we just get an explanation on that one? My dad was there with me watching it and he looked over at my face just awe stricken by the phytoplankton and he said "I've been there" and I just remember thinking ...ug of course you have. I was so jealous in that moment guys I'm not kidding. But ultimately, I put it on the list that second. I told my dad I would do it and so one day I will.

10. Live in Bali for a Hot Minute

I say a hot minute because this could be a year, could be longer. I love Bali. I will say it a thousand times, it is a magical place. I had such a great experience there and truly love the people, the language, all of it. I want to move there for a bit and just travel around and see all the things I couldn't during my month of stay last year. If you haven't been to #Bali yet. Go to Bali.

*update: I moved to Bali and lived there for two months! Of course, don't get me wrong, I might always go back...

11. Create My Own Non-Profit Organization

Education is something I feel extremely passionate about. I think it's what stems off of every issue that I've seen in countries, including my own. Whether it's educating yourself on the opposing ideology or something as basic as educating yourself on basic sanitation. Education is everything. I would like to someday create an organization based on Backpacking Bee to fund schools, help communities and make a difference in these countries, my own included. I created a plan back in college and would like to put this into play eventually.

12. Hike Utah- Arches, Zion, Navajo, Moab

Utah has so many incredible sights and I think people don't even realize it. I tell people I want to go to Utah and they're always asking why? I just shake my head and tell them this. There is so much beauty out there in our own country and I want to hike it and see it for myself. The crazy sights we have here in the U.S are honestly stunning in their own way, with deserts, forests and lots of open space to see the stars at night. I would love to be able to wake up and see canyons one day. Exploring Utah would make a bomb camp trip too, I mean why not?

13. Stay in an Overwater Bungalow

Like what the Kardashians did ya feel me? Just kidding---sort of. But truly I think it would be a major goal in my life to be able to wake up and just hop in the ocean, some even let you hop in in the house like WHAT? Why is this not my life? But yeah, I want to do this. Who doesn't right?

14. Ride a Jetski

I've never ridden one and I find this so strange since I've lived on an island and in the ocean for most of my life. Not sure why I never did this yet, probably just enjoyed my time swimming around but I want to try it out for myself and ride the waves.

15. Float in the Dead Sea

I've always wanted to go here mainly because I just can't believe it's real that you can float so easily in the middle of the ocean. I'm once again in awe of how awesome our world is.

16. Visit Every Country

This is a someday thing for sure and probably an obvious one, I just want to be able to say I've been everywhere and I truly think its the best way to learn. From all these cultures we are blessed to have in the world, the different people and ideology I think that's when you learn the most about yourself and who you are but also about the world around you.

I find it fascinating and just want to know more constantly.

17. Go Paragliding

I've decided in the past to conquer my fear of heights with skydiving and I did, so now I want to try something a little less fast and really put myself to the test. I would like to do this in Switzerland most likely or somewhere warmer, we shall see.

18. Continue to Motivate Others

I love helping others, it honestly gives me the fuzzy feeling inside and is (and always will be) something that brings me joy. Deep in my heart I want to motivate others to really go for what they want to go for. To know that you are capable of doing anything even when it seems like you can't get out of bed and be there for others when they need it most. I feel I am starting this with choosing where I want to go with this brand and what I post on social media. In choosing to make my creative space a positive, safe place where others can feel comfortable I think that is the first step.

19. African Safari

Can you believe I haven't done this yet? I'm shook. I love animals so much guys and will never do a program or tourist attraction where they are locked up and stressed in cages. Not for me. Not cool to me. But a safari has been my dream to be able to go out and see them in their natural habitat, with the right program obviously (there are ones that donate funds and protection to the animals themselves).

20. Adopt

On the more personal side, I figured I would be open and honest here in telling you guys that I actually want to adopt. When I was younger I decided I would and could be the person who keeps their culture alive should I choose to adopt children from other countries. I believe there is a need out there and accept responsibility for the parenting struggles that may come with this decision as well. It's just something I can't explain, but I know I'm meant to do. Kids are my jam, I think they are awesome and I've worked with many different children from many different backgrounds so it would only make sense that this would be a good fit for me I think.

21. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

One of my more adventurous additions to the list, but I realized I love hiking and find that extremely motivating to keep my body in shape, in good condition and healthy. So to motivate myself a while back I put hikes like this on my list and it worked. I put my all into my health and work on being fit and happy now rather than dieting or trying to lose weight.

Everest, I'm comin' for ya one day.

22. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

One of the most beautiful travel destinations I've ever laid eyes on (well, pictures of it at least). Crystal clear water and breathtaking beaches that go on for miles. Australia in general will be a whole trip I'm going to make but I'd like to end here and soak in the place that was voted the MOST popular travel destination in the world.

23. Live in Paris for (at least) a Year

Ah Pari, J'adore Pari. I fell in love with Paris when I first went but every time I go back I just seem to love it even more. I love the art, the poetry, the rich culture and despite what everyone else has said to me, the friendly people. I've wanted to move here from a very young age and plan to learn French to help me but they say the best way to learn is to fully immerse yourself right?

Time to move.

Below you'll see my photo collage, vision board, whatever you might call it.

I highly recommend doing this especially if you're kind of going through a time in your life where you might lack motivation or just aren't excited about what you're doing with your life. Switch it up and get to know yourself a bit better and what you want.

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