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The Biggest Issue With Blogging

When I first started this blog, it was an outlet for me to talk about my travels. The perfect way to delve into everything I've seen and experienced. While it still is that for me personally, I feel it's grown a lot since then. It's become me wanting to help others travel and inspire positivity in others. With that being said, the major issue I continue to struggle with is probably the most important aspect that goes into a blog.

Time management

Ug, I know it's actually THE worst, and so many of us struggle with this, not just those with anxiety. Literally everyone and their mother struggle with this, because there's so much we want to do and so much we don't want to do. Some days would I love to do absolutely nothing and stay in bed? Of course, who wouldn't right? However, my to do list was becoming unbearable and the frustration starting to come from not getting anything done that I had planned. Until recently, when I realized that a change needed to be made.

So I decided to come up with a strategy and hope it helps some of you out there, not just with blogging but in general. Whether it's with work, school or any of those side hustles you guys might have going on I think in any situation, understanding that your time is valuable, that it is crucial. You only have so many minutes in a day, how are you going to spend those?

I always look to the reference of my "80 year old self" in these decision making moments, that once I'm 80 and look back on my life am I going to feel like I spent my time wisely? You decide that right now.

Lets make the most of our time and figure out how to be less stressed in the meantime.

1. Declutter Your Life: physically and mentally

Sometimes it's overwhelming that on top of everything I have so much crap everywhere. I notice in fact, that my mental state truly shows on the outside with how I treat my things and my room or even how I look. We often do this because our priorities are skewed so we kind of give up on little things like this when we feel overwhelmed on the inside. Well clearing it up is step 1. Take all the clutter in your closets, in your rooms and just throw it out, sell it, do what it takes and just make it a priority because once its done you'll feel that weight lifted.

The other part of this step however, is the mental aspect, sitting down with yourself and meditating, journaling, letting all of the overwhelming feelings out and onto something. If you paint or draw, do that, if you like to run but haven't made time for it recently do that. Whatever it takes, let it all out and clean up your brain. Declutter and write a list of everything you prioritize right now, now cross out the things that aren't as important. Write a new list and categorize them for what you want to prioritize (daily) to what can be more of a weekly, or monthly thing.

Example below:

Daily priority -

1. Mental health- meditation mornings, gratefulness journal at the end of the day

2. Physical health- exercise or get outside everyday, work on more yoga, stress stretches, Soul Cycle

3. Blog & work (my work is going to help me reach my long term goals therefore make it a high priority)

4. Relationships (I number them for a reason, because before anything else those things above have to come first in the day, they are important to me personally therefore I make time everyday for these things)

I made a separate goal to at least check in every other day (trying for everyday though) with one of my friends, and make time for them to know I'm here for them as well.

Weekly priority -

1. Adventure somewhere new every week, whether its a hike I haven't done, a road trip, doesn't have to be super big though, could even be a new coffee shop.

2. Plan out my blog schedule, travel schedule, etc.

3. Make time for learning a new language

4. Family, keeping in touch and updating them

Monthly priority -

1. Check in mentally, journal with whats good, whats not, what can I improve on?

2. Treat yo self monthly - massage, acupuncture, whatever it is physically that might help

3. Plan monthly goal setting: what do I want to get done in the next month?

4. Find time to spend with those relationships monthly, family & friends

Already you've done a major thing, feel proud of yourself and breathe it out. Lets keep going.

2. Set 3 GOALS every day

The best way to get things done and not overwhelm yourself is each day wake up and set 3 things you want to accomplish that day. Whatever they may be, set them within reason obviously, be realistic.

And VERY CRUCIAL: don't be hard on yourself if you ever don't complete it. It happens, life is crazy, move on and know you'll do it tomorrow.

3. Find ways to motivate yourself every. day.

Motivation can come and go, it is never a one and done type of thing, it is constant constant effort and a lot of hard work. But when you find the right motivation, you become unstoppable. Find that feeling every single day, do what it takes to get there. Some days that might be taking a break or taking things slow thats okay, just keep doing you.

Keep moving forward.

For me? I found that waking up and journaling is the best way for me to pump myself up. Its starts with what I'm struggling with, what I have to work on then ends with me going I AM CAPABLE OF ANYTHING. It's a constant pep talk for myself and I know everyone needs one of those because days can be hard but with the right mindset you can push through anything.

4. Be KIND to yourself

I say this a lot but I really just want to get it through everyones head just how important this is.

Your body and soul is a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing capable of doing so much in this world or very little. You make the choice to treat it right and it will do big things, you will go far in life because your body is vibrating that positivity you're feeding into it. You don't take care of it though and it can have the opposite affect.

5. Time block - with leeway for change (because life happens)

Write out your days using the time block method, which basically means you are forced to be more realistic with your time. If you set your goals into each day giving yourself an hour or so per task, these things will get done.

Here is my example:

If you look at how I scheduled everything in my morning, it is realistic. I set enough time for the activity and still get things done that I want to do. So far that checks off physical and mental activities that are my daily goals. As for blogging, I normally make time for that after work ends at 4 pm. So I will realistically set a few hours or more for blogging time because so much goes into it.Making it realistic means you'll get it done.

Time blocking has proven to work for many self made CEOs, girl-boss' and entrepreneurs galore. Thus far it has made me feel like I am getting more done on the daily and setting my time intentionally. Ultimately, that is I think what matters most. Your time is crucial, you are important, set your standards and goals high and continue to move toward a better you. You deserve that much.

If you guys want more posts like this please let me know!

I love feedback and love to hear from all of you xx

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