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The Definitive Guide to Acne Skin Care (Natural Remedies & More!)

Acne is legitimately the worst thing ever created. I can firmly say this with full confidence, it is created by the devil 100%. Confidence often goes down when you have acne issues, and I understand many just feel uncomfortable in their skin as a result. Including me once upon a time. It's the worst. For me, I would often question everything once I broke out because 1) my diet is amazing, mainly plant-based, and all things rich in nutrients and 2) I was moisturizing twice a day everyday. I was always a freak about making sure my skin felt good. Therefore, I was doing everything right, so what's up? Sound like you?

Well I wanted to start off by introducing that where you have your acne has a purpose behind it, nothing on your body just happens for no apparent reason. Consider that your body is like a puzzle, where one thing goes wrong there's usually a link as to why and what you can do to improve it. So lets kick this guide off by recognizing where your acne is and what's behind that in the first place.

Also keep reading to the end where I link you to some secret natural remedies (my jam) that always calm down the redness and keep your skin feeling soft and tight. Plus you'll get to see the products I use and why I use them.

Where is your acne?

1) Forehead - digestive system

The forehead is a common breakout zone but it's interestingly enough one of the main areas that can be helped most with diet changes. I used to have some forehead acne in high school, when I rebelled against my dad's healthy ways and decided I would eat whatever I wanted which sometimes included a lot of hot Cheetos and Oreos. Turns out I was doing this to myself, go figure.

The issue: you're eating too much processed food, or just perhaps aren't digesting what you're eating properly. If you've been eating a ton of junk food, that's going to have to change. If you haven't you also might be like me where you're body has issues digesting certain things (gluten) I would get a food allergy test just to be sure. Understanding how you process your food is crucial for this type of acne. You can also try certain natural superfoods that might aid in digestion, such as apple cider vinegar.

Not having food issues? Maybe you're diet is as perfect as it gets? It could be an overproduction of oil which is creating too much build up under those pores. So use oil reduction products. Wipe down your forehead right after you workout, use cooling products mainly. You'll want a very good toner (witch hazel is the best) and don't forget to moisturize, it'll be crucial since you're sucking all that oil out that you get some good natural oils back in. Lastly, cooling ingredients will be your best bet to get rid of the irritation. Try cucumber or aloe infused sprays.

2) T-ZONE - liver

I didn't even know this area had a name, I was going to put "that area between your eyebrows," maybe I'm just not in with the trendy words of skincare. But this one is similar to the forehead with diet changes that will be able to help fix the issue. Too much greasy food, dairy products and/or it might also be a sign you are showing a food allergy of some sort. I would break out here constantly and now I notice such a difference since I went vegan, gluten free! Even if you just want to test it out to see if theres a difference, I think going a month or two slowly cutting things out and introducing them again just to see for yourself might be a good way to start.

The liver ties into all this because everything you eat goes past the liver, where it then removes the toxins for your body to digest. If you have too much toxins in your body your liver is saying hey quit it, and hence the acne here between the brows. Now you know what I'm gonna say next... JUICE CLEANSE. Maybe you didn't guess it, but if you follow me on social media then you probably know I'm obsessed with juice. Even for a day, a juice cleanser could have an impact here, but make sure you don't just switch right back over to that same diet afterword. Focus on liver-friendly foods. Note: alcohol intake is also a huge issue for livers, so be careful on the consumption as you try to detox.

Not a diet issue? This is another area that tends to overproduce oils, so we want to suck that out with some toner and at times it can mean you are lacking in certain vitamins. Getting vitamin infused serums will definitely help you out here as well (I will talk more about that later).

3) Eyes & Temples - kidneys

Often people get surprised by this one, but I've seen it impact a lot of my friends who've said they had dark circles. They changed their lifestyle and focused on drinking more water and bam. No more dark circles or temple acne.

In order to improve kidney function, a healthy balanced diet is crucial and hydration is key. You want things that will lower your blood pressure here so sometimes that means lowering caffeine (a hard one for me) and alcohol intake. Instead water is the absolute best, but also things like cranberry juice and eating things such as kale, mushrooms or fruits like apples and cranberries that are high in nutrients and low in sodium and potassium.

Not thinking it's the diet? I started making sure it wasn't my water intake but sometimes I noticed my skin just needed more direct hydration. Moisturizing twice a day is crucial, once in the morning and once at night but another thing to consider is trying a hydrating mask and starting out with that at least once a week, if you like the results 2-3 times a week should be good depending on the brand/product you use. Keep things gentle with your skin, always. (I'll show you an awesome all-natural mask that is full hydrating to try out, keep reading guys). Also for the eyes, getting a good eye cream with some Vitamin C to rejuvenate those dark areas is another option for you to include.

4) Nose - blood pressure and vitamin B levels

Nose acne, the ones that end up making you feel like Pinocchio, gotta love it. Often diet-wise, this area of the face can mean you need to check your vitamin levels, and blood pressure. Foods that are spicy, or high in salt content (meat products often are attributed to this, that's not me being the vegan here I swear). You'll want to lower your salt intake and see if that blood pressure has anything to do with it. Sometimes eating more leafy greens aid in cleansing all that salt out. Drink more water, and cleanse that added salt from your body a bit.

Lacking in vitamins means you should start creating a regimen for yourself, but also I like to get a serum and/or moisturizer that contains vitamins in it to aid whatever acne might be showing up in this area. Usually for me, it's blackheads and such that need a good toner to clear out that excess oil (PORE STRIPS ARE A NO GO, which I will explain further in my post. Don't do it, just trust me on that one). Instead, do more healing things for this area, if you are using a toner just remember that is stripping away the oil and now you need to make sure it doesn't overproduce for what is lacking. Natural oils (Rose, Jojoba, etc.) can help this out a bit, and a Vitamin C infused serums can't go wrong as well.

5) Ears - kidney function

Weird thing I know, breaking out on your ears? What the hell right? You know what I'm talking about though, where suddenly you get the cystic pimple, just one, on your ear, near your temple and just don't know why or how to fix it, so you wait it out. But man, that thing hurts if you accidentally touch it right? Well turns out this one also has to do with hydration and kidney function. The reason why we may only get one every once in a blue moon is because perhaps we've been doing pretty well on hydrating but one day we barely have any water, we're too busy with work or school. Even one day can affect us unfortunately, because its a whole body of organs that thrive on what you went one day without. Once you think about it that way, I guarantee you start to look at all of this in a different way. You'll never want to be without water or vitamins.

Another thing to look at with this area of the body is caffeine however, make sure you are limiting that as much as possible. Stick to one cup per day if you must have some source of caffeine like me.

Remedies - not having to do with diet for the ears the plan for you will be putting a hot wash cloth or compress on it to make sure all that puss (sorry gross, I know) rises to the surface (most are usually cystic looking meaning that the bad junk is due to excess oils building up and completely blocking the pore, so they need to rise to the surface before they can get out) Gently wash it with a good acne wash. And then top it off with your witch hazel, or whatever toner you might use. (Alcohol free preferred).

6) Upper Chin - hormones & stress

And we're at the one I struggle with most unfortunately. The fun part is, this one isn't as diet related (although there are always ways to enhance the healing process with diet). This is where I learned about anti inflammatories, retinoids, AHAs & BHAs. Lets break this down. First, when it comes to hormones the simple way of explaining this all to you is that we each need to have a certain balance right? Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, insulin and cortisol. When those get unbalanced, we break out. Sometimes this is cured easily but if you're like me and have some imbalances constantly then you're going to have to work harder at keeping that balance.

Another thing women unfortunately need to consider with this, is the added factor of birth control. Personally, I have had issues with birth control affecting my hormone levels in a negative way, I was overproducing in some and lacking in others. Due to this I decided to go cold turkey until I can figure out the hormone levels that I need to keep and get a specialist on what would work best for me. I'm not really a fan of adding non-natural things into my body so this wasn't a big sacrifice for me, you might be different though so definitely talk to your doctor about how your levels are doing.

1) Supplements that can aid in keeping a hormonal balance:

  • Magnesium: aids in inflammation, and reduces levels of cortisol (which is what creates stress).

  • Omega-3s: big problem for us veggies out there, is we forget we need this! But don't worry there are vegan options for us as well. The reason this one is so important is it regulates those hormones. (The highest O3s will have EPA and/or DHA in it, you'll want that). Click here for a vegan friendly one on Amazon I found!

  • Zinc: This is a healing supplement that is actually a common deficiency for us women. It is an anti-inflammatory and kills the bacteria that produces acne in the first place. A must-need.

  • Probiotic: assists in getting rid of excess estrogen. Crucial.

  • Vitamin B: provides your cells with the much-needed energy for the constant work it does, also targets pre-menstrual acne, so this one is a good one to have in your home. All the time.

**Side-note: Garden of Life is the brand I normally go-to and I ONLY buy my vitamins in bulk on Amazon now unless I'm trying something out for the first time and am skeptical in which case I check out Trader Joes usually. Keep it cheap when you can, right?

2) What are those tricky words I used up there? Lets start with Retinoids & Retinol. Retinol is the over-the-counter version of retinoid but sometimes can do the trick. What these contain is high Vitamin A but the retinol just has a weaker tretinoin and tretinoin improves the texture of your skin, tightens your pores, and stimulates blood flow and increases collagen production. Hopefully I haven't lost you yet. But mainly this is why most with serious acne problems get put on some sort of retinoid (such as Accutane). I started using a retinol cream and didn't know what the heck I was doing until I asked a professional. She said to take it slow, although it's great for your skin you aren't used to it so maybe do a thin layer one day and make sure to put a moisturizer thats gentle over it then wait about a week to do it again. Tretinoin serums are also great to try out, but remember to take it slow and don't overstimulate your skin all at once.

Foods that also contain high Vitamin A: Cod liver oil, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, red peppers, etc. Take this into account as well before making the decision to get a bunch of products.

3) AHAs and BHAs. Alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy (salicylic) acids are both attuned with the job of undoing the bonds holding dead skin on the surface. They firm the skin, smooth the texture, hydrate it, and aid uneven skin tones. The difference? they hydrate and work in different ways. AHAs are water soluble so they work on the skins surface only. BHAs are oil soluble so they work on the surface but deep within the pore as well. AHA is often preferred if you have dry skin, BHA is great for us oily skinned peeps. It is up to you if you want to do both, but usually it is not recommended to do this. Everyone's skin is different however. Online it will often say to do it everyday in your routine. My specialist says: "no way jose, start it out once a week if that and see if anything changes. If not transfer over to two MAYBE three times a week." -Stephanie, Orange County & Torrance, CA Dermatologist

7) Cheeks - stress level and respiratory health

Yet another one I struggle with, primarily this started in college so it was no surprise to me that the number one reason this might occur is due to stress. But another reason this might be occurring has to do with your respiratory health. Eating less acidic foods or drinks help a ton here, eating more leafy greens and getting at least 30+ mins per day of fresh air to reduce those cortisol levels. (Again, the supplements above will help you out.)

Foods high in magnesium will lower those cortisol levels, fish and omega-3s, carrots and Swiss chard are great options to get you started. Also consider a good tea to end your day with, and lower those acidic drinks like coffee (I switched mainly to matcha for this reason!).

The respiratory side of things might have to do with allergies, so start by figuring out if that's the issue here because if it is it could be an easy fix (emphasis on could here). But other breathing issues might come into play as well--asthma, lack of steady breathing, could be a result from smoking, or just an overall lack of exercise. Try finding an exercise that works for you to be able to get that negative stress out in a positive way.

Side-note: Dirty cellphones or pillow cases can also be a culprit, I also had a friend who didn't know her grandma was bleaching her sheets and pillowcases and turns out that is a major skin irritant so pay attention. Figure out what laundry detergent is best for you and wash that case more often, see if it makes a difference.

8) Lower Chin - stomach

Lower chin acne usually enters into the under area of your chin and hides from you. They usually hurt pretty dang badly and are cause for concern in they keep occurring. The primary reason you get these actually is due to digestion issues which means making sure you aren't sensitive to certain foods again. Allergy tests are my saving grace when it comes to this.

Foods that aid in digestion to get you started here: avocado, ginger, chia seed, bananas, apples, etc.

And many people will say what helps is temporarily cutting things out of your diet to see what is causing the issues. Perhaps sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, would be a great start. Taking a daily probiotic will aid in your digestive process and keep those pH levels in place as well with a shot of apple cider vinegar every other day (I say every other cause the acidity content, don't want to create a new issue right?). Also fun fact: most people are all about taking biotin and they don't realize it does more than just aid your hair and nail growth. It also aids in protein metabolism and helps you digest quicker. So if you're already taking that perfect, if you haven't started yet what are you doing?

9) Neck - illness & hormones

Neck acne should usually be cause for concern just take note that it possibly means your body is fighting something off, and you should be resting your body. Relax a bit. A lot of people will also exfoliate and treat their faces but forget that your neck is a part of the area you get dirty, you get a lot of oil build up from sweat production, etc. We also are prone to touch our necks, converting all our natural oils into that area. Exfoliate once a week and include your shoulders and back in the same process for complete protection against acne.

A warm compress should help first, then using a calming oil such as: evening primrose (can also be taken in pill form as well), tea tree and rose-hip oil are all ones that have worked wonders for me. And scroll up to the chin area to see more on what you can do if you have some serious hormone issues going on.

What type of skin do you have?

Are you more oily? Dry? Perhaps a bit more sensitive? There are some options here because we are all different, so what works for one might not work for another, cannot stress this enough. But there are general ingredients you could focus on when it comes to your skin type and that I can help you with.

Oily skin:

My homies. I feel you. This is the worst. Rule #1: don't you dare touch your face, your hands will only add to the oils building up on your skin. I'm going to break it down for you to help you out.

  • Wash every morning & night with a gentle cleanser (I'll give you the brand I use later)

  • Alcohol-free toner (usually tea tree is a great way to go) and get one that includes BHA for all you peeps that remember what I said earlier BHA is great for us oily-skinned. Tone every morning, right before you moisturize.

  • Sea salt scrub or some sort of exfoliant (natural is my preference obviously). You only need to do this once a week, no more. Many often think because we have a ton of oils it's better to do this all the time but that just leaves your skin without a way to build up healthily and produce the natural oil you are actually supposed to have.

  • Micellar Water - this stuff will make you realize just how much crap is in your pore. I use this mainly at the end of the day after I take off all my makeup, I added this into my routine when I realized how much was still in my skin after I took off my makeup. We want clean pores all the time since we are prone to build up.

  • Facial Spray - I like a nice calming one to do when I first wake up after I tone and to end my day with after I use that Micellar water and wash my face. Often this includes one with aloe, rose or cucumber-- all very cooling and calming. And my nighttime one has some lavender in it for anxiety.

  • Day moisturizer - mine has zinc in it (which if you read up above in the hormone area you understand how CRUCIAL this is) and is also SPF friendly, which I realized is super important to protect your skin especially as an oily skinned person who needs to make sure that the under layer of skin is protected. Ingredients to look out for y'all would be Vitamin C, tea tree, sunflower oil (great for acne prone skin). Normally if you can, opt for the one with the more natural ingredients for that calming result.

  • Night Cream - I usually want something really hydrating for this time of the day, that simultaneously doesn't clog you up, cause that's how you get more production of the oils again. I opt for something seaweed, I'll give you mine below but calming and hydrating is what you are looking for. This is the only time I think ingredients like glycerin will be okay because it overly hydrates and throughout the night you want that hydration (most drug store products will have this ingredient). Vitamin E is also one to look out for hydration at night.

  • Oils - I am VERY picky about which ones I use because it can be incredibly counterintuitive if you use the wrong type for your skin. My favorites include - tea tree, jojoba, rose-hip, and aloe vera. All calming and great for drying out the excess oil but still giving you hydration. Sometimes I use this after toning and moisturizing in the morning if I'm taking my time to get ready. At night if you want to focus on some acne prone areas its also good to do after your night cream.

  • Serum -One with loads of vitamins in it will be the best for you. Vitamin C preferably for mornings and E is great for night routines. Another ingredient to look out for is yarrow, a great way to kind of get those negative oils out. Plus all-natural guys. I will do this before I moisturize, let it air out and I don't always do it everyday, sometimes I switch with an oil, etc. Depends on how your skin works.

  • Masks - I have mixed feelings about these because sometimes it sucks out too much in my opinion, and the specialist I saw said the same thing. The important thing for us oily skinned is to hydrate hydrate hydrate, so I decided to do a mask once every week or so and only ones that hydrate. I'll give you a few options for natural remedies later but definitely try ones with ingredients like cucumber, aloe, vitamin E, spirulina (fun fact spirulina helps your skin retain moisture), oat milk, etc. Look at more of those natural remedies before adding chemicals or alcohols in because it will always be less irritating to the skin.

** Reminder to give your skin some time each day if possible where you don't have anything on, let it breathe and relax.

Dry skin:

On the other side of things we have the dry skin struggle. Often if you are treating for oily skin we make the mistake of doing too much and then in turn have to deal with this as well. Ah, the joys of skin struggles am I right? We don't see pore issues with dry skin, but the skin texture can look a bit rough, flaky or dull in areas. Sometimes it might even be itchy in areas, this is because the natural oils that should be doing their job, are dried up. Dehydration is the common thread here.

  • Hyaluronic acid: an ingredient to pay attention to for you guys. This ingredient produces more supple skin, is a great healing property (which is what you want when your dealing with dry, dead-like skin.

  • Cleanser: A lot of people end up getting dry skin from their acne cleansers as well, because it is sucking all that oil out, and they forget to put the good stuff back in. So I recommend taking time away from that routine if this is the case and using something gentle on the skin. Use cream based, non foaming cleansers. I would recommend options with natural ingredients like oat milk to help calm the skin a bit. Do not cleanse more than twice a day, keep it simple with your skin.

  • Day Moisturizer. This is going to be your holy grail so get a good one (I recommend the trader joes one I will show later for you dry skin peeps out there, it is magic & will heal you.) Apply once daily, twice if you can and you feel extremely dry.

  • Sunscreen: You are going to want the best defense from the outer elements because your skin can get extremely sensitive and red from the sun, excess wind, etc. Get makeup with spf, try and include sunscreen into your daily routine and put this on every day even if you don't see the sun (studies show the effects can even be worse on a cloudy day). Apply after your daily moisturizer.

  • Toner: yes, we still tone even with dry skin. You're going to want something a little more soothing though so stick to simple natural versions, a natural option like witch hazel will work for you. Tone daily in your morning routine after cleansing.

  • Argan is a great oil to look at because it is incredible at hydration, it is rich in Vitamins A and E, Omega fatty acids and antioxidants, all meant to heal the skin. Apply once a week to start and see how it does for your skin.

  • Night Cream: a night cream will be the best way to fully repair your skin. What I didn't realize is that when we sleep our skin tries to repair as much as possible in our REM cycle. But it's also extremely prone to a lot of damage when we sleep if we're not careful. For you dry skinned peeps you need to make sure your skin doesn't lose water in the 8+ hours (I'm optimistic) of rest. What you'll want most is those Vitamins E and C (added bonus if you have more), soothing calming ingredients and be sure the cream isn't too much for your skin. Don't clog yourself up, that's when the acne comes. Use a night cream every single night guys, seriously. It'll heal you right up.

  • Serum: water based serums with colloidal oatmeal are a great way to go. What is colloidal oatmeal? I didn't know this specific oatmeal either but turns out this is chosen to aid with eczema, and has incredible healing properties so pay attention to that ingredient. It basically just means the oatmeal is ground to a fine texture and mixed with water to create easier application into the skin. Other ingredients you'll want are aloe vera, chamomile (very soothing and healing), and vitamin b12.

  • Hydrating masks, and collagen masks: you could even make a colloidal oatmeal mask, easy all you'd need is a spice grinder and oats! I put collagen specifically on this though because often with dry skin your texture changes and collagen depletion occurs. You want to fix that texture, smooth it out and reduce lines and wrinkles. Hydrating masks should be used 2-3 times a week, more if you're just doing the natural ones. Those don't hurt your skin at all. The only thing that gets iffy when it comes to doing masks is if you're doing things that will dry you out like clay masks, those actually end up hurting your skin causing you to irritate it more than help it. Keep that moisture guys don't suck it out.

  • Balms. The goal with a nice balm is to relieve any eczema that might be starting, lessen the irritation, and heal it all up. Apply daily as needed. Ingredients you'll want are rose geranium, Vitamins A, E, or C, rose-hip seed, cocoa butter (mixed emotions about this one, sometimes it does feel clogging for me so maybe just use in areas with severe flaking but only apply every few days? Depends on your skin obviously, that's just my opinion on the matter).


When it comes to sensitive skin, anything fragrant is probably best to stay away from, you want things as simple as possible with sensitive skin. Anyone know KISS? Keep it simple stupid.

Don't over-do it even if you want to try all these products in the magazines or online. Stick to the basics.

  • Cleanser: starting with a fragrant free, soothing cleanser, use it twice daily. Ingredients like bisabolol (extracted from chamomile), honey, cucumber seed, aloe, calendula extract are some good options for you. All of these are natural soothing elements you'll want to use daily. anything you can find in all natural baby wash or face wash you can most likely use on your face daily. Here's my issue for you guys when it comes to using the brands like Cetaphil, I know they pride themselves on being for sensitive skinned people but they actually contain so many toxic ingredients. You don't even realize these are not doing your skin the justice it deserves. Ingredients are crucial especially for you sensitive peeps out there. Stick to natural as much as possible.

  • Alcohol-free toner: rose or cucumber and aloe infused toners will be the best bet here. Tone every morning. Facial sprays can also probably be used as long as they are natural (rosewater is a great option), some of my friends with sensitive skin also use those Evian (water) mist sprays to continuously hydrate their skin without the added fragrance. Gives you something to think about

  • Zinc: once again zinc becomes crucial because it is going to keep your skin healed up, reducing redness so I wanted to make a point here to make sure you guys are looking for this in your products as much as possible.

  • Day moisturizer + SPF + scent-free: avoid chemicals and added crap you do not need! Also no salicylic acid or retinoids for you. Stick to things that include honey, rose, aloe, acai, argan oil, pomegranate, etc.

  • Night Cream: it is still best to use a night cream no matter the skin type but for you guys I would definitely use something purely with just aloe vera in it. It's going to sooth your skin from a day filled with makeup, and/or just the elements in general. After washing, apply a light facial spray, and apply this before heading to bed. Green tea is another soothing option, often times, however, I noticed a lot of brands would slap green tea extract on the title but stick a bunch of toxic ingredients in the creams. Just because it says something healthy on the cover doesn't mean it is guys, read those ingredients. Cannot stress it enough.

  • Gel Mask: these are the masks that usually have the paper outline of your face that scare the crap out of everyone around you, and makes you laugh to the point where you end up moving it too much. Yup. This is the one you will want. Cucumber, marigold, tansy, vitamin E, aloe, and shea butter are all ingredients to pay attention to. Only apply maybe once a week, see how it affects your redness.

  • Simple Serum: Vitamin C is a great option to keep things fresh and gives you those antioxidants that will help your skin to look hydrated and even-toned. Keep away from alcohol infused products, and stick to ingredients like ginseng or soothing chamomile that will aid with any redness that occurs.

I am no skin expert but I've seen so many different experts and done my fair share of research. I've purchased pretty much every skincare product out there unfortunately (you think I can get that money back?) and I've come to terms with what I should be doing for my skin type. Below is the link to my own routine and the products that now work for me. Plus I give the links for each product so definitely check it out and give any feedback on whether you want more posts like this for the future!

First lets get to these little rules I picked up along the way...

1) PORE STRIPS DO NOT DO IT. I don't care what skin type you are, I have done the research and talked with many specialists and it turns out I was doing it wrong for quite some time. Pore strips actually cause more damage to your skin than good. They sometimes rip out those good natural oils I was telling you guys about earlier, and unfortunately that just thins out your skin, ultimately causing irregular pigmentation and/or texture. They open your pores up in a way that actually wasn't meant to happen in the first place so they become more prone to infection. To get rid of blackheads use a more natural approach like a sea salt exfoliant. Just don't do the pore strip guys.

2) Supplements and diet. Should always be the first thing to change, because if you only choose something topical to cure the problem it most likely won't completely cure the issue in the first place. Remember that everything happening in your body happens for a reason, take it as a sign that something needs to change in your lifestyle and learn from it. Become a better, healthier you.

3) Coconut oil: probably the best natural ingredient out there, strong words I know but I don't know it is pretty incredible guys. Not only does it hydrate your skin, it promotes collagen production, has anti aging properties, antioxidants (Vitamin A and E), and reduces the damage your skin might get from the sun and/or other elements. It is great for your hair, and skin and can also be a great makeup remover. It is not to be mistaken for a moisturizer however, as it cannot penetrate the skin but it has many many benefits and deserves some attention. Add it to your daily moisturizer for some added hydration and see if it makes a positive impact over time.

4) Layer your products the RIGHT way.

  • Cleanser.

  • Toner.

  • (Sometimes) Facial Spray.

  • Serum.

  • Eye cream.

  • Moisturizer (sometimes contains SPF)

  • Oils

  • SPF.

  • --- Makeup peeps then you'll do a primer ----

Click HERE to read about my routine and the products I use.

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