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Updated: Jul 28, 2018


Looking for what you need? Maybe you're getting a little frustrated since you've never been in a climate like the one you're about to trudge into with no experience. Well good thing there are apps to help ya with that. Don't worry everything will work out.


Okay so this is pretty basic but Pinterest really is amazing. You just search where you're going and put in packing list or what to pack, most people lay it all out day by day, they give you details on the climate, the time you'll be there, etc. 


This is a pretty snazzy app because it gives you the list of things you'll need for each occasion. For example say you're going on a business trip but you're ending your last day hiking. It'll give you what to bring for fancy dinners, meetings, etc. but also a day hike list as well. Makes your life so much easier right?


Looking to buy plane tickets for the best price possible?  These are your best bet and some of my favorites to use for everywhere I go, of course as they get more popular there is a downside. Some are starting to charge a service fee but I mean, in the end is it worth the ticket price? Absolutely. 




These are all fairly similar apps, but I think its good to check each one to see what has the best deal overall. They vary from time to time, and they're great because they also notify you when prices change. I ended up going to Europe for less than $400, so it truly is worth your time and effort to check in on these constantly! 


Now you've got your flight, where are you going to stay? Well these are some of the obvious choices, but my tip is to always always take advantage of hostels when you can. In other countries they are incredibly cheap and you meet so many new people who could end up changing your life, so why not go for it?


An obvious favorite of mine, I love the prices and you also usually get free wifi, breakfast, etc. with most places so just know that sometimes that can be a comfort perk for you in some countries. 


Another favorite of mine, especially if you're traveling around the U.S, you may want to book your stays in advance though because this is a very popular app and if you're going somewhere really nice, odds are the cool places to stay could be booked up for months in advance. Side note there is this new thing with Air Bnb called "Experiences" where you can pay for a fun day trip or guided hike, so if you're looking for a guide in the area you're in check it out guys!




Trivago, Expedia and Kayak are all great apps to use, especially if you're looking for that hotel life. They are useful for a lot of things but ultimately I use these three when it comes to treating myself for a vacation. It's always good to check and compare these prices to others as well.


Just cause you're traveling doesn't mean you want to be out of touch with everyone in your life right? Well sometimes I do like it if I'm being honest, but having a form of communication makes my dad happy so here are some apps I love using for communication, along with some apps that I've learned make all the difference.  ​


My communication of choice, its extremely easy to call from and texts send fairly quickly.


If they don't have WhatsApp, they usually have Viber. What I like mainly about this one is the ability to send different pictures, emojis and gifs they have on file, its nice to have your options too. 


Going backpacking in more than one time zone? This is the app for you, to be able to keep up with the time zones of multiple places and see how much sleep you're losing or gaining, it's good to keep track both for your new friends you're making in these countries but also for your own bodies sake. 


Different places, new types of transportation. As much as I want to go from country to country giving you my different transportation apps, It would honestly take 20+ pages, so if you're interested in me doing a separate post like that please let me know! For now here are some basics I live by.







You're in a new place, obviously you should at least try to understand the currency, language and other cultural aspects. These might come in handy for you as you do just that.


A great way to practice the language on your off time, learning basic phrases, sentences or questions.


An amazing way to learn more about the culture, city guides or just basic must do's in your location. I'm a little bias because I absolutely love lonely planet, they always find a way to make the experience authentic and not so touristy so that's my little spiel. 


This app has made life so much easier, not only can you translate someone saying something on the spot, or get answers right away on a question, you can also take a picture of something written in say, Japanese, and have it translated from that picture. How is this real? I don't know but I'm certainly amazed. 


Its a little self explanatory but basically this is a great app to convert your own money with or see how much the scam artist is trying to sell you something for. I would say this is a must to have if you're in a bartering country. 

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