Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about me, and who I am.

My name is Bianca Dukesherer, I started Backpacking Bee as a travel blog two years ago after traveling to over 14 countries in 4 months. I decided I wanted to do something to tell my story, but also had the idea of motivating others. Mainly, to be able to understand that you are capable of doing anything and everything, you just have to put in the effort each and every day to get there. From there, my passion and drive continued to grow along with my skill set and thus came the business side of things. I love creating content, it will always be one of favorite things to do.


This business is a way I get to creative with others ideas and help others get organized when it comes to emails, event planning, calendars, and so much more.

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Otherwise let's get started. 

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Content Creation & Social Media Marketing

From an analytics guide to improving overall Instagram content I will do it all. When it comes to your business I want you to feel secure in knowing that with social media you can only improve using my services. I do this within these few steps:

Step 1: Analysis - what social media apps and sites work best for your audience? What are your insight numbers and how can those be improved to get maximum efficiency and positive outcomes?

Step 2: Planning - Via Skype/Face time, we can discuss this for our first meeting. What is your vision for your company? I want to know your goals and numbers moving forward. I will make a schedule of what I believe will drive more engagement toward your company. 

Step 3: Creative Action - I strive to do always do my best when it comes to creativity and marketing. This stage is crucial to show the full effects of strategies I will implement. Where I will keep you up to date with weekly status reports on how your audience numbers grow and improve. 

Step 4: Meeting - I always plan monthly meetings with clients to ensure I am meeting goals you have set for me and making sure everything at the forefront is going well. The thing of utmost importance is your organization and its clientele

Virtual Assistance

& Scheduling

Emailing, Event Planning, Blog or Social Media Management, Customer Support or Service via Email, Creating & Running Ad Campaigns, Travel Assistance, Online Shopping, Website or Content Creation, Calendar Management, Booking & Canceling Appointments, File Management, and Much More! 

  • Get to Know Me First - I want to speak with you and make you feel as comfortable as possible first. Let's start off with a Skype call.

  • Let me know what services you'll need and we can come to a compromise on a weekly & monthly plan for what you'd like from me. 

  • Trust is earned, not given. This is something I make sure to ensure when you use my services. I am going to earn your trust and make you feel completely secure. That is the goal.


& Editing

Article Writing | Blogs | Website Content | Press Releases

Emails & Newsletters | Creative Writing | Product Descriptions | Tag lines | Copywriting & Editing

Whether you are a small business, enterprise or large industry I can assist you with your content. 

What separates me from other hires would be my creativity and personalization. I dig into what you want as a company before diving in and ensure maximum benefits in doing so. 

I also assure maximum response rate. If you are interested but want to speak a little bit more on what I can do for you specifically, contact me. I promise a 24 hour response letting you know I am ready to be present and attune to all your needs.

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