Welcome to my skincare page! Where I will post videos and written works on what I'm doing for my skin and health on the reg. Throughout my travel journey I have found natural remedies for basically everything and feel that I have knowledge to offer, so this idea started with the intention of keeping things basic by letting you know acne is not easy and it is something I struggle with. It's incredibly hard to travel all the time and deal with this issue.

I intend to be honest with what I post here and show you guys how much my skin improves, often what ingredients seek to harm you rather than help you and give you every bit of info I've learned along the way! 

I've found that natural is the way to go as much as possible. But with hormonal acne, there are some extra ingredients we might have to focus on outside of the natural. So below I've included what I'm currently using in my daily and weekly routine and where to get them.


xx Backpacking Bee

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Natural At-Home Masks to Try

Natural Ingredients

1) Banana Mask

  • Yup believe it or not bananas are used to moisturize and leave your face feeling smooth as a babies butt. Just blend one banana into a paste and apply to the face and neck. For those with acne issues I would add in some honey (to heal that redness up) and just let it sit on your skin for about 10-20 mins. Then rinse off with cool water. 

2) Oatmeal Honey Facial

  • If you read my blog post I talked a bit about colloidal oatmeal, meaning it is finely ground up and therefore can get all up in your pores. For best results I recommend doing that, if you don't have a grinder though no worries! Mix about a cup of oatmeal, add water to really soak it before mixing in the honey, and apply gently to the face and neck. Leave on for about 10-15 mins. 


3) Honey Avocado Mask

  • Mash an avocado with a fork and add in some honey and lemon juice. It's refreshing but incredibly healing, plus the avocado adds those fatty acids we need in our skin. Leave on about 15-20 mins and gently apply warm wash cloth to rinse off. 

4) Aloe Vera Mask

  • Sometimes I literally just take some aloe vera and spread it across my face, especially in the summer when my skin gets so much heat toward it throughout the day. Aloe is so soothing it will hydrate and just let your pores soak in the healing properties. Leave on for about 20-25 mins and gently rinse off. 

5) Turmeric & Coconut Oil 

  • This is one I didn't really know about until recently but you know I'm a fan of anything with coconut oil. Well turns out both of these ingredients are anti-inflammatories. So they reduce redness and swelling. Perfect for acne right? You'll need turmeric powder for this and a jar of coconut oil. You could always get the turmeric root and grind it from scratch but even I don't go that far. You do you though. Mix a few teaspoons of the powder with a handful of coconut oil in a bowl. Apply gently and leave on for 15 mins. Rinse with warm washcloth. 

Natural Ingredients That Just Might Cure Your Acne

There are always to improve on natural remedies, and some of these I didn't even know until I did the research. Natural is always better, it'll be less irritating to the skin and more soothing.

1) Apple Cider Vinegar: kills off bacteria, gets rid of dead skin cells (great for dry skin peeps).

2) Zinc: soothing, healing, is an anti-inflammatory so it'll get that redness down. Also boosts your immune function. Acne is truly a bacteria that becomes prone to infection so it is good to have that immunity.

3) Honey: especially good to spot treat on inflamed pimples. Calm it down with a bit of honey.

4) Tea Tree: the issue with acne is your getting some oil build up which is why that red dot occurs. Tea tree naturally pulls out that excess oil.

5) Green Tea: reduces inflammation, has plenty of healing anti-oxidants.

6) Witch Hazel: similar to tea tree in that it will cleanse those pores and clear excess oil.

7) Aloe Vera: soothing, healing, hydrating. You can't go wrong with aloe in pretty much all of your products.

8) Omega-6: Reducing inflammation, giving you all those good fatty acids that will heal up your skin and promote healthy tightness and texture.