Zu Travels 

Project included content creation, editing travel photos, fully managed creative flow and design layout, content writing and background SEO. 

Company is a start up travel concierge agency. Mainly focused on luxury travel and exclusive VIP membership. 

Design scape: I took a simple, luxurious approach to this design.

Used many soft colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. Content is easy to understand for members around the world (many from other countries) and blog content is for a mature, classy audience looking for their next vacation.


website: www.zutravels.com  

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U.S Pacific Inc. 

Project entailed mainly re-vamping entire website in a rush order of two to three days.

Re-writing entire website and cleaning it up a bit to make things easy and simple for their clientele.

Company is a major construction business located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Website: us-pacificinc.com

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