Below are a few of my samples I have to offer, if you would like to contact me for my writing services, please scroll to the bottom of the page and send me some quick information about you and/or your company. 


Writing for your brand or advertising for your business needs to use the right language for your clientele base. The audience is crucial, and as your writer I seek to provide the most successful wording. To gain attention, this is crucial.


Travel writing whether it is for the luxurious traveler or the backpacker looking to save money, there are many routes to take on with the language of this category. In researching your audience, I can understand how to write about most areas of the world. 


One of my personal favorites, writing with my own voice or using someone else's. I seek to keep things light and witty, with a sense of humor added. This tends to gain attention from most, as the audience can relate to this option.

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